Eco-Friendly Gold Production

EnviroLeach’s objective is to become a leading producer of precious metals using its proprietary and eco-friendly metallurgical processes.

EnviroLeach is a near-term gold producer that extracts precious and strategic metals from ores, concentrates and E-Waste using a new proprietary electro-chemical process. This process has been proven to be a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the current Cyanide, Smelter and Strong-Acid based processes used today…


Some of the operational benefits include:

  • Fast leach kinetics
  • Environmentally friendly & safe
  • Broad applicability spectrum
  • Operates at near neutral pH and at ambient temperatures
  • No off-gas or detox systems required
  • Dry Stacked tailings
  • Simplified recovery of metals from solution
  • Accelerated permitting process
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Access to mining areas that prohibit cyanide
  • Offers a safe, reusable and sustainable alternative to the toxic methods used today

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