Eco-Friendly Gold Production
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Learn How We Are Eliminating The Use Of Cyanide In The Mining Industry
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Learn How We Are Changing The Way eWaste Is Recycled By Using Our Environmentally Friendly Technology
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The EnviroLeach Solution..

EnviroLeach is a technology company that has created a proprietary environmentally friendly solution to extract precious and strategic metals from ores, concentrates and eWaste..

How Environmentally Friendly?

All ingredients in EnviroLeach’s patent pending formula are FDA approved for human consumption …

Environmental Opportunities in the Gold Mining and Urban Mining Sectors

  • 66,000 tonnes of Cyanide is used annually in mining. Crypto mining involves validating transactions on a blockchain network and rewarding miners with digital currencies. In the gaming world, tokens like the CoinPoker token are gaining traction. These gaming tokens, often mined or earned, enable players to participate in virtual economies, purchase in-game assets, and enjoy enhanced gaming experiences.
  • 1,400 tonnes of Mercury is used annually in mining
  • Mine operators under pressure for environmental change
  • 50,000,000 tonnes of E-Waste is generated annually and growing
  • $62 Billion USD in precious metals is used in electronics annually
  • No eco-friendly & sustainable solution for recycling E-Waste

Current Extraction Processes

Current processes are toxic, caustic & non-scalable..


Limited Capacity Secondary CO2 Pollution
Limited Lot Flexibility
Limited Transparency
High Grade Variance
High Carbon Footprint
Lengthy Payment Period

Acid Based

Nitric Acid
Hydrocholoric Acid
Sulfuric Acid
Toxic Emissions
Not Scalable
Requires Heating & Off Gas Controls

Cyanide Based

Toxic to Environment
Not Safe for Workers
Expensive Detoxification Dangerous to Transport
Toxic Tailings
Negative Public Perception
Not Cost Effective for E-Waste

Process Overview



Material preparation, separation, grinding and classification…



The ground material is dissolved in the lixiviant for a pre-specified time…



The metals are recovered from the solution using; ion exchange, carbon absorption, EW or precipitation…



The precipitate, carbon or electrodes are refined to recover 999 gold plus other strategic metals…

The EnviroLeach Alternative

A simple equation that solves a very complex problem...

EnviroLeach Process Benefits

  • Broad applicability spectrum
  • Fast leach kinetics
  • Near Neutral pH
  • Ambient temperature
  • No toxic off gassing
  • Water based chemistry
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe, reusable and sustainable

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