New Eco-Friendly, Non-Cyanide Based
Alternative for Gold Extraction.

EnviroLeach Technologies Inc. has developed a unique, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the current toxic methods used in the hydrometallurgical extraction of precious metals for the mining and Electronic Waste (E-Waste) sectors.

The patent-pending EnviroLeach Process is safe, eco-friendly, and provides comparable leach kinetics to that of cyanide or acid based lixiviants on most ores, concentrates, tailings and E-Waste.

The EnviroLeach Process is similar to a cyanide circuit but in-fact much safer and simpler. It involves the dissolution of the precious metals into the aqueous solution followed by extraction using conventional methods such as electrowinning, carbon absorption or precipitation.

The operation is simple and does not require complex process circuits, intensive gas monitoring or
detoxification systems.

Some of the operational benefits include:

  • Fast leach kinetics
  • Environmentally friendly & safe
  • Broad applicability spectrum
  • Operates at near neutral pH and at ambient temperatures
  • No off-gas or detox systems required
  • Dry Stacked tailings
  • Simplified recovery of metals from solution
  • Accelerated permitting process
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Access to mining areas that prohibit cyanide
  • Offers a safe, reusable and sustainable alternative to the toxic methods used today

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