Todd Beavis

Todd Beavis

Mr. Beavis is an executive with extensive experience in the wholesale and retail electronic parts and consumer goods industries. He has held senior positions at various well-known companies, including Canon Canada and Future Shop. Todd has directed sales, leading organizations to anticipate needs and drive sustainable long-term growth. Todd is known to have an inexhaustible ability to cultivate and build authentic, trusting relationships that are based on shared values. Productivity and multi-faceted success are the natural outcome. Todd’s network in the electronics goods industry are vast and far-reaching.

Video: Innovation in Mining by EnviroLeach for #DisruptMining

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EnviroLeach Technologies is very excited about participating in the #DisruptMining challenge.

The #DisruptMining challenge will showcase ideas designed to unlock new opportunities and accelerate solutions to some of the mining industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities. Collaboration and transformation happen when people with exponential technologies and rogue ideas across all sectors are encouraged to disrupt the status quo in mining and given direct access to the industry’s leading decision-makers. “The Disrupt Mining Challenge accelerates mining innovation by bringing diverse, brilliant minds together to provide the raw materials that propel modern society.”

We consider our unique formulas and technologies to be among the most innovative and disruptive new technologies ever introduced to the mining sector. While our recent focus has been on the E-Waste sector, or “urban mining”, the EnviroLeach formula was originally developed for the mining sector. The Company continues to work with many mining companies to further advance our eco-friendly process in an effort to become the new standard in extractive metallurgy for the mining sector.”

Founded in 2017 by Goldcorp and Integra Gold, #DisruptMining  is a catalyst to accelerate innovation – to encourage new ideas, generate new opportunities and tackle problems more efficiently, and to bridge the gap between mining and technology. It’s a platform for entrepreneurs working with disruptive and exponential technologies to highlight their application across the entire sector. From exploration and mine closure to financing and sustainability, #DisruptMining  engages people with exponential technologies and rogue ideas, and provides a CAD$1 million capital opportunity to bring their disruption to mining.

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