Todd Beavis

Todd Beavis

Mr. Beavis is an executive with extensive experience in the wholesale and retail electronic parts and consumer goods industries. He has held senior positions at various well-known companies, including Canon Canada and Future Shop. Todd has directed sales, leading organizations to anticipate needs and drive sustainable long-term growth. Todd is known to have an inexhaustible ability to cultivate and build authentic, trusting relationships that are based on shared values. Productivity and multi-faceted success are the natural outcome. Todd’s network in the electronics goods industry are vast and far-reaching.

One man’s trash … managing e-waste

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E-waste, the process of recycling usable metals and materials from discarded technology for reuse, is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Disused and obsolete technologies, from phones and TVs to computers and radios, can contain trace elements of precious metals that would otherwise go to waste.

Please read the rest here. One man’s trash … managing e-waste

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