Why Invest?

Disrupting the Mining and E-Waste Sectors

EnviroLeach Technologies is a unique company. It appeals to a wide variety of investors and funds. It appeals to mining investors, high tech investors, green and the environmental investors, and investors looking for an attractive story.

The company is uniquely positioned within 2 burgeoning industry sectors to disrupt it.   

With a safe, environmentally friendly and science based alternative, EnviroLeach provides a cost effective solution to the current toxic methods of extraction used today in both the mining and E-Waste sectors.

Using its proprietary, non-cyanide based process, EnviroLeach extracts precious and base metals from ores, concentrates, E-Waste and tailings using only FDA approved additives and water at neutral pH ranges and ambient temperatures.

The patent-pending EnviroLeach Process is safe, eco-friendly, and provides comparable leach kinetics to that of traditional cyanide or acid based reagents on most ores, concentrates, tailings and E-Waste.  The proprietary process is also effective on complex ores including some carbonaceous and copper bearing gold ores.

Both the mining and E-Waste sectors are being challenged by reduced grades, higher production costs, more complex ores and materials and increasingly stringent environmental guidelines. The mining and E-Waste sectors are actively searching for a viable alternative to the current methods used in their industries.   EnviroLeach is pursuing strategic relationships in both sectors.

EnviroLeach is unique!  The company has filed patents to protect its intellectual property and has the first mover advantage.

Broad demand for environmental responsibility and sustainability is driving necessity for change in both the mining and E-Waste industries.

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EnviroLeach Technologies is engaged in the development and commercialization of environment-friendly formulas and technologies for the treatment of materials in both the mining and E-Waste sectors.