EnviroLeach Technologies – Innovation Is At Our Core

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EnviroLeach is a technology company and near-term gold producer that extracts precious and strategic metals from ores, concentrates and E-Waste using its new proprietary inorganic electro-chemical process. This process has been proven to be a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the current Cyanide, Smelter and Strong-Acid based processes used today.

Backed by the momentum of a first-class staff of scientists and engineers, tens of thousands individual assays, independent validations and strategic partners, EnviroLeach’s technology will become the standard for the provision of eco-friendly methods for the hydrometallurgical extraction of precious metals in both the conventional mining and E-Waste sectors.

E-Waste Sector

According to the Global E-Waste Monitor 2017, released by ITU, the UN University (UNU) and the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), in 2016, 44.7 million metric tonnes of E-Waste were generated, an increase of 3.3 million metric tonnes, or 8 per cent, from 2014. Experts foresee e-waste increasing a further 17 per cent to 52.2 million metric tonnes by 2021. In 2016, only about 20 per cent, or 8.9 million metric tonnes, of all e-waste was recycled.

Low recycling rates can have a negative economic impact. In 2016, it was estimated that e-waste contained rich deposits of gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium and other high value recoverable materials, whose total value is estimated at $65 billion, a figure exceeding the gross domestic product of many countries in the world.

Duane Nelson, EnviroLeach CEO, states; “According to Apple’s latest sustainability report, just 100,000 iPhone 6 devices contain, 1.3 kg Gold, 7 kg of silver, 0.4 kg platinum group metals, 550 kg cobalt and 800 kg of copper worth some $102,000 or approximately $7,900 per tonne. Compared to today’s conventional mining, where the world’s average current gold grade is worth some $43.00 per tonne, the financial metrics of urban-mining (E-Waste) are compelling”. The Company also reports it has received inquiries from over 20 countries regarding potential partnerships on E-Waste processing plants world-wide.

Mining Sector

The EnviroLeach process provides a cost-effective alternative to cyanide offering similar or improved leach kinetics on most ores and concentrates (including ores that contain arsenic, copper, sulfides etc.). The reagent is environmentally-friendly, safe, stable, has a broad applicability spectrum making it an ideal alternative to cyanide in vat leaching operations worldwide.

The Company has completed thousands of tests and assays on a variety of ores, concentrates and tailings with very positive results and continues to work with select mining companies to advance the chemistry and processes within this sector. To-date, EnviroLeach and Mineworx have received inquiries from over 100 mining companies in over 20 countries worldwide.