Sample Shipping

Please include the following information in your sample submittal form:

Download Sample Submittal Form

  • Your company name and/or contact name(s)
  • List or range of sample IDs
  • Analysis required and/or elements you are looking for
  • Results destination(s)
  • Invoice destination(s)
  • Sample Return / Disposal instructions
  • Send samples in well-sealed containers
  • Include a letter providing contact details and a return address
  • Must be freight prepaid. (C.O.D. not accepted)


EnviroLeach Technologies Inc.
Unit 114, 8331 Eastlake Drive,
Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5A 4W2

Phone: (604)-428-2400
Fax: (604)-428-2600


For international shipments, please include a Commercial Invoice.

  • Customs Value of $50.00 USD up to 200kg, then an additional $50.00 USD for every 200kg of sample in the shipment.
  • Specify Customs Brokers as LIVINGSTON CUSTOMS BROKERS.
  • Must include completed copy of this commercial invoice with your shipment.

Please confirm with EnviroLeach, via email to:, that you have a shipment being sent to us.

Samples may be dropped off in person to the address above between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

Thank you.