Quality Assurance & Safety

Quality & Safety

As a provider of geochemical, mineralogical and metallurgical testing services, EnviroLeach is committed to delivering quality results and outstanding level of personalized service to our customers. We will meet this objective by providing expected turnaround, quality results, and dedicated customer service while maintaining the security of the samples and results whilst in our care.

EnviroLeach recognizes that safe work practices are essential to our community and company, not only for the protection of the public and our employees, but also to enhance the quality of our work, boost employee satisfaction, and increase profitability.

Quality Assurance

EnviroLeach’s Quality Assurance Programs will assess the following QA attributes and needs for each project.

  • Project description: Identifies the purpose of the test program, the type of work to be performed, and the client’s goals and objectives.
  • Project Organization and Responsibilities: Designates the parties responsible for project management and engineering, establish peer review and technical support personnel and procedures, identify the general health and safety requirements and responsibilities, and establish the coordination links between the client, EnviroLeach, and any subcontractors.
  • Quality Assurance Objectives: Establish quality assurance methods to ensure that program objectives are attained, erroneous data are minimized, and accurate conclusions and recommendations are developed.
  • Sampling and Analytical Procedures: Defines the protocols that will be employed in handling and preparing samples for testing and analysis and specify the analyses to be performed, the analytical methods and sensitivities, and the laboratory that will perform the analytical work (if other than EnviroLeach).
  • Calibration Procedures: Establishes calibration parameters for the equipment used in the research program. Equipment for measuring mass, volume, temperature, pressure, and flow rates are considered in the calibration plan.
  • Data Collection, Reduction, Validation, and Reporting: Defines procedures for obtaining, consolidating, and reporting accurate data and identify the key personnel responsible for ensuring data quality throughout the research program.
  • Internal QC Checks: Identifies internal procedures to ensure that only high-quality data are produced. Standard procedures include operator training, peer review, and technical review by senior personnel for all phases of the program.
  • Performance and System Audits: Ensures that the collected data are technically sound. Routine audits are performed throughout the program, from the review of test plans and plant design through data collection and reduction, to a comprehensive technical review of the final program report.
  • Corrective Actions: Ensures that accurate and valid data are produced from the test program. Corrective actions can include investigating test data to identify possible sources of error, repeating test work, and repeating analyses, if required. Repeat work will normally be reviewed and discussed with the client before it is conducted.


EnviroLeach values safety and believes that safety is a critical component to producing quality work for our clients. In support of this, EnviroLeach completes a pre-project safety checklist with all assigned project personnel. The checklist includes a review of the process flowsheet and chemistry, establishes the personal protective needs and exposure monitoring requirements for each task, and discusses compliance with applicable safety and environmental regulations. Before start-up, a process inspection and readiness review including calibration and leak testing, is conducted.