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Conventional Gold Mining

EnviroLeach offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the use of cyanide and smelting in the gold mining sector. It also offers a viable alternative to the smelting of gold concentrates. The company has completed thousands of tests on hundreds of different ores and concentrates with very positive results. 


Urban Mining -            E-Waste/PCBAs

E-Waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. The United Nations is projecting over 72M tonnes per year of E-Waste. EnviroLeach offers a cost-effective alternative to the use of smelters for the processing of recycled printed circuit board assemblies, which is the primary economic driver for the recycling of E-Waste.


In-Situ Gold Recovery (ISL)

EnviroLeach has the potential to change the way the world extracts gold. With its partner Group 11 technologies, Enviroleach is testing the potential for in-situ or in-place leaching of gold which would globally reduce the impact of mining. It offers the ability to extract gold without moving material or setting up conventional gold mills



EnviroLeach is an industrial technology company focused on precious metals extraction formulas and technologies.


Our unique patented and proven technology offers a cost-effective, eco-friendly and domestic alternative to the use of cyanide and smelters for the recovery of gold from E-Waste and conventional gold ores and concentrates.

EnviroLeach is led by a first-class staff of scientists and engineers. Our extensive expertise in metals recovery and hydrometallurgy positions us with a unique knowledge set applicable to our target markets, which include the gold mining and the E-Waste sectors.

EnviroLeach, through its subsidiary, EnviroCircuit, operates a 28,000 sq ft, 3,600 tonnes per annum PCBA processing facility in Vancouver, BC, Canada.



To promote the broad adoption of our disruptive new technology to:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of gold mining,

  • Lower the cost of gold production,

  • Unlock the value of smaller gold deposits, 

  • Provide an environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative to the extensive use of smelters, mercury, and cyanide in mining,

  • Successfully deploy our in-situ gold recovery process (Group 11),

  • Extract precious metals from end-of-life electronics (E-Waste)



To increase global GOLD production while lowering the environmental impact of gold mining and the treatment of recycled printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). Our breakthrough technology delivers sustainable and cost-effective solutions that reduce the environmental footprint while streamlining the permitting process...





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